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Media Contact :

Margaret Sadlier
Communications & PR Manager

+44 (0) 207 176 1425 /
+44 (0) 790 110 7837

General Enquiries: pressoffice@coalition.com



Financial Times

Wall St falls out of love with commodities trading
Gregory Meyer and Jack Farchy, 04 Aug 2013

Coalition, a consultancy, reports that the combined revenues of the top 10 banks in the commodities sector was $6bn last year, down 22 per cent on 2011.



Financial News

Let’s (not) get physical: the commodities conundrum facing banks
Suzi Ring, 01 Aug 2013

The top 10 investment banks earned $6 billion from commodities last year, according to research provider Coalition.




Harvard Grad Swaps Morgan Stanley for Sheikhdom as Deals Dry
Stefania Bianchi, 24 Jun 2013

The 10 biggest investment banks, including JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Deutsche Bank AG and Citigroup Inc. have lost about 11,000 front-office staff...




Morgan Stanley Said to Cut 10% of Commodities Jobs Amid Rut
Michael J. Moore, 21 Jun 2013

The 10 largest global investment banks generated $6 billion in revenue from commodities trading last year, according to data from analytics firm Coalition Ltd.



EFinancial Careers

One chart which will tell you whether you work for a top tier bank
Sarah Butcher, 12 Jun 2013

The chart below is out today from Coalition, the banking analytics company which is a subsidiary of Standar & Poor’s.



EFinancial Careers

Over-hiring in sales and trading implies J. P. Morgan, UBS safest banks
Sarah Butcher, 28 May 2013

According to a recent study by Coalition, a rival banking data provider, J.P. Morgan ranked first or second in eight out of ten sales and trading business areas in 2012.