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When the world’s leading Financial Services providers need clear insight to their position in the market they turn to Coalition. For over 10 years Coalition has provided the Investment Banking and Markets Industry with reliable analytics across key performance indicators.

Competitor Analytics

Client Analytics

Country Analytics

Competitor RWA Analytics

Coalition’s flagship competitive intelligence product sets the standard within the investment banking and financial services sector for performance measurement across Equities Sales & Trading, FICC Sales & Trading, Origination, Advisory and Transaction Banking.

Our leading edge Analytics provide clear actionable insight for Senior Management, Heads of Strategy, Business Management and COOs/CAOs/CFOs. Coalition Analytics equip and enable our clients to understand their competitive landscape and make informed strategic decisions accordingly. The analytics cover:

  • The largest 15 Global Investment Banks for 40+ products across Origination & Advisory, Equities Sales & Trading and FICC Sales & Trading and 5 regions
  • The largest 10 Transaction Banks for 15+ products across Cash management, Trade Finance and Securities Services and 4 regions

Our Competitor Analytics product includes:

Performance Benchmarking

  • Named, quarterly analysis of revenues, headcount and productivity
  • "Like for Like" benchmarking of performance through accounting/organization adjustments
  • Customization of the output to reflect each Bank’s business model and product taxonomy
  • Intelligence across all regions and products, highlighting areas of out/underperformance
  • Bespoke deep dive projects with granular insight into a product and/or country
  • NEW: RWA Analytics benchmarking RWA across different products (link to RWA section)

Organisational Insight

  • Market trends and strategic insight related to business structure and client franchise
  • Business structures including reporting hierarchies and coverage models
  • Identification of executive management and business heads

The Benefits

Benchmark Performance;

  • Against named peers
  • On a quarterly basis matching strategy, planning and compensation cycles
  • On a like-for-like basis and to a Bank’s own business structure

Size the Leads and Gaps;

  • Revenue opportunities/threats by business
  • Revenue opportunities/threats by region
  • Productivity outperformance/underperformance

Support Budget / Resource Planning;

  • Resource budget planning by business and by region
  • Headcount allocation to optimise resources
  • Compensation analysis by business and by region

Today’s competitive financial markets and constraint on capital require financial services firms to prioritise their clients and optimise their coverage.

Coalition Client Analytics delivers granular client intelligence that enables the recipient to evaluate client opportunities on a named basis, support overall client strategy and account planning, and identify cross-selling leads across clients, products and regions.

The Client analysis derives from a unique approach based upon Coalition’s proprietary wallet models and analytics, working with the leading Investment Banks.

Institutional Client Wallet Analytics

Coalition Institutional Client Wallet Analytics provides unique actionable analysis in the form of individual client wallets and performance analysis for the leading Global Financial Institutions across:

  • 1,300 Global Financial Institutions
  • 5 client types (e.g. Asset & Wealth Managers, Banks, Hedge Fund Managers)
  • 4 geographic regions (i.e., Americas, EMEA, APAC ex-Japan, Japan)
  • 75+ products across Equities Sales & Trading and FICC Sales & Trading

Corporate Client Wallet Analytics

Coalition Corporate Client Wallet Analytics provides unique actionable analysis in the form of individual client wallets and performance analysis for the leading Global Corporations across:

  • 6,000 Global Corporations
  • 9 sectors (e.g. Consumer, Energy, Industrials)
  • 6 geographic regions (i.e, North America, Latin America, Developed Europe, CEEMEA, Japan, Asia ex-Japan)
  • 20+ products across Global Markets and Corporate & Transaction Banking

The Benefits

Evaluate Client Opportunities:

  • Identify pockets of client opportunities
  • Use in addition to overall benchmarking analysis
  • Align resources against the opportunity

Identify Cross Selling Leads:

  • Identify cross selling opportunities
  • Ensure clients are categorised correctly (e.g. platinum, gold) bank-wide
  • Ensure clients are categorised correctly across products/regions

Support Client Strategy / Account Planning:

  • Support strategy and planning for a group of or individual clients
  • Identify opportunities within specific client entities
  • Identify outliers and positions to defend

Country by country analysis is essential in order to completely understand today’s complex financial arena, and to define a regional strategy.

Coalition Country Analytics enables the recipient to identify its market position in different geographies, size country opportunities and form and evaluate entry/exit strategies at a country level. The analytics are designed to support Regional / Country Management, Strategy teams and Sales teams.

Country Revenue Pools

Coalition’s Country Analytics delivers Revenue Pools at the country level with Revenue Pools split across:

  • 30 countries
  • 15 products across Origination & Advisory, Equities Sales & Trading and FICC Sales & Trading
  • 6 client types across Corporates and Financial Institutions
  • Market Concentration, i.e., revenues captured by the Coalition Index  Banks (1) versus Other/Local Banks

Country analysis can be further enhanced through complementing the Country Revenue Pools with country-level Competitor Analytics and Client Analytics.

Country-level Competitor Performance

Coalition Competitor Analytics can be extended from the regional level to the country level.

Country-level Client Wallet

Coalition Client Analytics can be extended from the regional level to the country level.

The Benefits

Identify Market Positioning:

  • Estimate market share captured by product
  • Identify local franchise positioning in a country by client type
  • Identify country market positioning relative to the Coalition Index(1) / total industry

Size Overall Opportunities:

  • Size country opportunities / threats by product
  • Size country opportunities / threats by client type
  • Size cross selling opportunities across and within countries

Support Entry / Exit Strategy:

  • Support country-level strategy for market entry / exit / repositioning
  • Support onshore and offshore resource allocation
  • Support country and regional client coverage models

(1) Revenue pool contribution of the Top 10 Global Investment Banks (i.e. BARC, BAML, CITI, CS, DB, GS, JPM, MS, RBS, UBS).

Capital usage dictates performance across the banking sector. Coalition’s RWA Analytics provides the essential tools to assess the performance of Risk Models versus peers and benchmark RWA efficiency by business.

RWA Analytics has been designed to bring benefits to Boards of Directors (e.g. for Capital Allocation), Management committees (e.g. for Risk Identification / Monitoring), individual businesses (e.g. for Competitive performance assessment), Strategy teams (e.g. for Model/Business optimisation) and Risk teams (e.g. for Risk Model Benchmarking).

Our RWA Analytics include:

Model Assessment

  • Comparison of RWA requirements for VaR, S-VaR, CVA and IRC
  • Comparison of RWA requirements for Counterparty Credit
  • Identification of and key drivers of differences

Risk Assessment

  • Benchmarking of actual RWA by business
  • Benchmarking of normalised RWA by business

Productivity Assessment

  • Revenues / normalised RWA, i.e. how much revenue is generated per unit of risk taken

The Benefits

The key benefit of Coalition’s approach lies in the normalisation for differences in risk models, regulatory environment, methodologies and product classification (taxonomies), allowing for accurate comparison across Banks.

Coalition normalises for the differences in risk models and regulatory environment by working closely with each Bank. The normalised RWA provides a way to measure and analyse the risk that is being taken by individual businesses.